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The Marshall is just across the street from U of L. 

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Move-In Tips for Residents

Moving into a new place can be both exciting and stressful! If you’re moving into our off-campus housing in Louisville, we have some tips that can help make your transition as smooth as possible, from packing […] ...

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Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

We all want to eat healthy, but knowing how to accomplish that goal isn’t always straightforward. There are lots of diets, advice, and misinformation out there to sift through on your path toward better health, and […] ...

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How and When to Clean Your Appliances

Modern, energy-efficient appliances are a must-have for renters at our off-campus housing in Louisville, but in order to enjoy consistent functionality for all your appliances, regular cleaning is also a must. Residents are often unsure how ...

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Best Plants For Your First Apartment

If you’ve never taken care of a plant before (or you’ve taken care of one, but unsuccessfully), it can be intimidating to bring a plant home to our U of L student living. Louisville is a […] ...

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